Old Lyonian Football Club 2016/2017 Season

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OLFC 1s playing in the Senior Division 3: What a great season starting off slowly and finishing in a strong position, clinching the 2nd spot and winning promotion to Senior Division 2 for the 2017/18 season.

OLFC 2s playing in the Intermediate Division 2: After newly being promoted to this Division this season, it has taken a season for the team to find its feet, finishing third from bottom. The team did succeed to a cup final but lost at the whistle.

OLFC 3s playing in the Minor Division 2 North: Following demotion last season, the team had mixed results, finishing 3rd but could easily have won promotion back, next season they will be going all out to get back in the Minor Division 1 North.

OLFC 4s playing in the Minor Division 2 North: Playing in the same league as the 3’s made for some interesting home matches. The season was not successful for the 4s, after being league leaders they fell down the table and are relegated to Minor Division 3 North.

OLFC 5s playing in Minor Division 4 North: With a 3rd from bottom finish and seven points above their nearest rival it ended a reasonable season given they do lose players to support the other teams in the club. However, as the club membership grows they will return next season at full strength to battle for promotion.

OLFC Vets: Interesting finish to the season, Army Vets finished clear with 6 points ahead of OLFC who in turn were 15 points ahead of 3rd place. What a season they had and they are looking to improve next season and build the team so if you are 38+.