How can you help?

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Careers advice, mentoring and work experience – how you can help........

Within the Lyonian Community there is a broad range of expertise, knowledge and contacts which could benefit students at The John Lyon School by providing careers advise, work placement opportunities and mentoring.

The office is contacted regularly by students looking for support and assistance as they begin to make decisions and choices on subjects and careers.

We would like to be able to increase the level of support the office is able to give the students and the School but we need your help.

Any assistance we can provide can help the boys enormously and is always appreciated by them.  It does not have to take a lot of your time.

Examples of where you could help are:

  • Advice over the phone or by email
  • Addressing a group of XIth Formers or a special interest group
  • Taking part in interview workshops
  • Providing short term work placements or work shadowing opportunities
  • Supporting the School Careers Fair

If you would like to be included in the Lyonian Careers register please contact us here