Year Reps 1949-1969

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The Lyonian Association is re-building the list of Year Rep's.  In some cases one person may cover several years and we would like to have more than one Year Rep for each period as this increases the opportunities of contact.

If you would like to become a Year Rep please contact the Lyonian Office on

All contact with your Year Rep, in the first instance, will be sent via the Lyonian Office, this is to protect the mail addresses of the individual representatives.



Year Name Contact
1969 Paul Harrison Email
1968 We need you!  
1967 We need you!  
1966 We need you!  
1965 Mike Eathorne-Gibbons Email
1964 Mike Eathorne-Gibbons Email
1963 Mike Eathorne-Gibbons Email
1962 John Hayes Email
1961 John Hayes Email
1960 John Hayes Email
1959 Allan Watson Email
1958 Allan Watson Email
1957 Allan Watson Email
1956 John Soughton Email
1955 John Soughton Email
1954 John Soughton Email
1953 Malcolm Ames Email
1952 Malcolm Ames Email
1951 Malcolm Ames Email
1950 We need you!  
1949 Baz Staple Email