Year Reps 1990-2014

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The Lyonian Association is re-building the list of Year Rep's.  In some cases one person may cover several years and we would like to have more than one Year Rep for each period as this increases opportunities of contact.

If you would like to become a Year Rep please contact the Lyonian Office on

All contact with your Year Rep, in the first instance, will be sent via the Lyonian Office, this is to protect the mail addresses of the individual representatives



Year Name Contact
2014 Joshua Banks Email
2013 James Scholefield Email
2012 Michael Duncan Email
2011 Milan Patel Email
2010 Bhavish & Bhavin Makwana Email
2009 James Caldecourt Email
2008 Anek Mhajan Email
2007 Sameer Jethwa Email
2006 Ishil Mehta Email
2005 Daniel Hooper Email
2004 James Mott Email
2004 Joel Bubbers Email
2003 We need you! Email
2002 Jeanesh Patel Email
2002 David Jones  
2001 Jonathan Murray Email
2001 Darshan Sanghrajka Email
2000 We need you!  
1999 Stephen Moroukian Email
1998 We need you!  
1997 Dipesh Mehta Email
1996 Neil Enright Email
1995 We need you!  
1994 Pareet Shah Email
1994 Jamil Jivanjee Email
1993 We need you!  
1992 Simeon Beever Email
1991 We need you!  
1990 Sanjay Kohli Email